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A conclusion of the contract

Based on the request, we will send you a calculation with the prices of textiles and printing. The calculation includes the exact specification of the textile, the number of pieces of textile and basic data on printing. These data are binding after approval, their confirmation by the buyer agrees with the implementation of the contract. Requests that are not listed in the calculation are not covered by any complaints.

Payment Terms

After approving the order, we send an advance invoice. Only after payment of the invoice (for textiles or total amounts – according to negotiations) the order is included in production. Unless otherwise agreed.

The client shall pay the contractor the price for the execution of the work on the basis of a proper tax document sent or otherwise delivered (hereinafter referred to as the invoice). The invoice is payable by the customer in the period from the date of issue to the last due date. The length of the invoice due date is determined by the number of days from the date of its issuance, agreed between the contracting parties in the work contract. The price is stated without the relevant VAT rate. The Contractor is entitled to add VAT to this price in the amount stipulated by law. The day of payment of the invoice is considered to be the day when the relevant amount is credited to the contractor’s account.

Ownership of the goods passes to the customer only after payment of the full purchase price and any related costs.

Materials for printing

CRYSTAL PRODUCTIONS is not liable for incorrectly delivered graphics, but is obliged to point out the poor quality of the supplied documents. We prefer templates for printing in vectors (curves). In the case of raster templates, we require a resolution of 300 dpi at a size of 1: 1. You can find more information on our website www.merchandisefactory.eu always in SPECIFICATIONS section.

If you require exact adherence to the print colour, send the PANTONE numbers to the Solid Coated swatch, otherwise we will use the closest colour according to the original for printing. Send a preview when a specific print location is requested. If you require printing effects or have specific requirements for the nature of the print, let us know. When using your own textile, inform us about any atypical material composition and the number of pieces from the size.


We send illustrative previews for proofreading for approval. They list the sizes and locations of the print and, if they are specified by the client, the PANTONE colours used according to the Solid Coated swatch. These data are binding. Upon request, we will send a photo of the first print. The approval of the proofreading is authoritative and binding for the final form of the contract.


We are not responsible for any copyright infringement during reproduction of the supplied templates.


During printing, due to unpredictable and uncontrollable circumstances, the textile can be degraded by a maximum of 3%. If you require the exact numbers of textiles, it is necessary to take this tolerance into account and add an additional 3% of textiles. In case of scrap, we do not replace the destroyed textile, but deduct it from the total price. When delivering your own textile, it is necessary to take into account the tolerance of possible accidental deterioration during printing and order an additional 3% of textile.


Standard delivery times are 10-14 days. For large-volume orders with an exact delivery date (festivals, complex orders), we will agree with you well in advance on the date of delivery of the graphics and ordering of the material. This deadline is binding and must be met so that there is no time lag and no threat to successive contracts. For custom-made textiles and other specific orders, we will also set a date by mutual agreement.

Delivery times and other deadlines related to the delivery date of the goods are not binding, unless expressly agreed otherwise. If you require an exact delivery date, please inform us, we will confirm the date according to the given options.


The ordered goods can be sent by forwarding, picked up in person, or after agreement we can bring the goods to the place in person. The ordered goods will be delivered to the delivery address specified in the order. Upon written request, the goods can be sent to another destination. Deliveries of goods are made by the selected courier; transport costs are paid by the buyer. Damage to the goods, possible losses and the time of delivery of the goods passes to the contractual courier at the time of receipt of the goods.


When detecting defects in the delivered goods, we require notification, their specifications and any photo documentation. The reason for the complaint will not be recognized if the customer has been acquainted with the printing risk of problem graphics, or if the graphics procedures are not followed. If the goods were delivered more than 7 days ago, the complaint will not be accepted. This does not apply to hidden defects. Minor variations in the sizes and colours of textiles listed in the catalogues on the Internet are not a reason for claiming due to a defect in the goods. Minor deviations from full-colour raster templates cannot be a reason for a complaint due to the technology used.

Upon acceptance of the complaint, the order will be repaired upon agreement, a replacement delivery will be made or the payment will be refunded. The cost of transport when returning the goods is paid by the seller, if the reason is a defective delivery.

Textile care

In order for the textile and print to last as long as possible, it is necessary to take care of it properly. You can find more about how to take care of textiles properly, including information on how to choose the right textile size HERE.

Reorder goods

When re-ordering textiles, we do not count on preparation for printing and films again.

Media coverage

If you do not agree with the publication of your order in the form of a reference to our services, please inform us.

Complaints Procedure

1. The buyer is obliged to properly accept the shipment, in particular to check the integrity of the transport package and immediately after receiving the goods to check the correctness of the delivered shipment. In case of damage to the packaging, he is not obliged to accept the shipment and is obliged to write a Damage Report with the carrier.

2. In the event of a defect in the delivery, the buyer asserts his right to claim. The buyer is obliged to notify the seller in writing of any defects in the goods without undue delay.

When defects are detected in the delivered goods, we require notification, their specification and possible photo documentation.

Complaints about inconsistencies in the content of the delivery (i.e. inconsistencies in the quantity, type and price of the performance) or incorrect data in the issued documents must be made within 14 calendar days from the date of the taxable performance.

Complaints about Obvious defects must be made by the buyer no later than 30 calendar days from the date of the taxable transaction.

Complaints about Hidden Defects must be made by the buyer no later than 6 months from the date of the taxable transaction.

Within the specified periods, the goods must be “physically” delivered to the seller at the address:

Crystal Productions
Merchandise Factory s.r.o.
Dělnická 769/64
735 64 Havířov – Prostřední Suchá
Czech Republic, EU

Later complaints will not be accepted. The deadline for processing a complaint by the seller is 30 days, unless the seller and the buyer agree otherwise. It begins to run if all requirements for applying for a claim specified in this claim rule are met.

3. The application of a complaint does not have a suspensive effect on the due date of the invoice for the goods to which the complaint relates.

4. A change to the goods that occurred as a result of its use cannot be considered a defect.

5. The reason for the complaint will not be recognized if the customer has been informed of the printing risk of problematic graphics, or if graphic procedures are not followed. This does not apply to hidden defects. Small deviations in the sizes and colors of the textile shown in the catalogs on the Internet are not a reason for making claims on the title of product defect. Minor deviations from raster full-color originals cannot be grounds for a complaint due to the technology used.

6. Claimed goods must be clean, mechanically undamaged or otherwise used, used (worn) or degraded by the buyer. At the same time, such goods must be hygienically safe.

7. The seller is not responsible for defects in the event that:
– the buyer knew about them before taking over the goods or, taking into account the circumstances, he had to know about them
– these are goods that have already been used by the Buyer, when it is questionable whether the defect could have been caused by improper use of the goods or otherwise.

8. The buyer cannot request the seller to remove the defect in the goods, i.e. make a claim for liability for defects, if he does not present the defective goods, namely all the pieces for which the defect is claimed.

9. During the period of use of the goods, it is essential that the buyer pays sufficient attention to the basic rules for the use of the given goods, which are listed HERE. The seller is not responsible for damages caused by incorrect use of the ordered goods in the event that the buyer has not familiarized himself with this information and instructions, or did not follow this information and instructions.

10. If the complaint is acknowledged, the order will be repaired by agreement, a replacement delivery will be made or the payment made will be returned. The seller pays the shipping costs when returning goods if the reason is a defective delivery.