Summer season is in full swing!
Merchandise for bands and festivals.

Merch for bands and festivals

Make yourself and your fans happy!

Friends and fans,

music events are finally allowed, so you can prepare for the current summer season with us!

Our company CRYSTAL PRODUCTIONS MERCHANDISE FACTORY s.r.o. will literally dress you or your fans from socks to hats 🙂

Take a look at the BASIC OVERVIEW of our offer for bands, festivals and organizers.

Choose what interests you, send a graphic design and we will send a FREE calculation the next day along with a preview back!

In addition to countless types of T-shirts, we also offer various types of sweatshirts, shorts and pants. Among the hundreds of cuts and colors, even the most demanding customers can choose.

price samples for t-shirts

We also care about the most perfect details and fineness of printing. Take your graphic art to the next level with one of the many printing effects from our offer!

Do you know how your MERCH is made?
Take a look at our perfect collaboration with the rock magazine SPARK from the MASTERS OF ROCK 2019 festival!


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