What can you print?

Nowadays, it would be easier to answer the question of what we can’t print. Thus, virtually anything from textiles to pens and other promotional items can be printed to e.g. to cars to which we apply lychees.

It depends only on your imagination and, yes, sometimes on your budget. Our offer can be found in the individual sections in the menu. And if you haven’t found anything on our site, feel free to ask us.

What is the minimum amount of tricks I need to order?

In the case of textiles thanks to digital technology, we print in full color from 1 piece. And this also applies to many other products, just contact us.

Can I bring my own textiles?

Yes, but in this case we do not guarantee printing and charge 0,12€/pc for unpacking and handling.

Which size to choose and how to care for textiles?

Wondering how to measure a t-shirt correctly? Do you want the print not to age and still look like new? You don´t know what mean each laundry symbols? Continue on website TEXTILE SIZES AND CARE.

When do I get my stuff?

Shipping times vary depending on the product you order. For example, we ship products from our e-shops STEFACHA and CRYSTAL SHOP within 2 working days. Production of music media (mainly vinyl) can take several weeks to months depending on production capacities. In each section, look for section SPECIFICATIONS, where you will always find more detailed information about the shipping time.

It should be mentioned that the shipping time begins to count only from the moment you agree to the last preview, which we will send you. When you have finally agreed to a preview, we are instructed to include your order in production.

What affects prices?

The number of prints, the number of pieces, the material and the chosen technology are related to the graphic demands of the design.

How do I get graphics ready?

Graphics are going differently for different technologies and products. Therefore, almost nothing can be said in general, and we have to judge each graphic separately.

However, in order to make things as easy as possible, you will find SPECIFICATIONS in each section, where you will learn in detail how it is necessary to prepare graphics for the given product.

You can quickly access all specifications also from the ORDER section, where you will find general information on how to proceed with the order step by step, so that nothing is forgotten.

Can you send me previews of all the colour variations, sizes and types of textiles I ordered?

We can preview all the tricks in different colours. However, this is a service at an additional cost, as it would be such a huge number of previews that we could no longer do anything else.

By default, you get reconciliation previews of everything that’s important to production. Specifically, they are individual themes and their graphic changes in case of discoloration or type of material. You’ll also always get a preview of the reconciliation if we do multiple print sizes, e.g. for men’s and women’s T-shirts separately.

In case you need additional previews for your website or e-shop, for example, we will be happy to arrange it. By default, we charge +50 for each preview (e.g. 1 colour/size/type of material,-. This price includes a small and larger view
in the dimension you specified.

Can I really have any design made?

Yes! Whatever you come up with, we’ll make it for you. However, keep in mind what is illegal in the Czech Republic and the copyright law.

Crystal Productions Merchandise Factory s.r.o. does not assume any copyright, name, brand or authorisation. The customer guarantees that he is the owner of all rights, all delivered data and information. It is also guaranteed that due to the contract with Crystal Productions Merchandise Factory s.r.o. there is no infringement of copyright or the rights of third parties.