We have been producing music media since 2002, even longer than printing textiles. CRYSTAL PRODUCTIONS started to act as a record label, which is why we can offer you a wide range of range of services and our experience in this area.


We offer complete preparation and production of your work from the moment you get it in the form of data from the studio. We will check that you have the correct data for the press or burn and we will produce your music media including their printing or the application of stickers in the case of vinyls. Below in the SPECIFICATIONS section you will find an overview basic types and options for your order, including other important information.


Whether you need traditional prints such as booklet, inlay, digipak, possum or anything special like foil embossing (gold, silver…) or any other special effect, there’s no problem with that. Offer offset and digital printing, thanks to which we can make thousands of series as well as purely small series. In the basic way, printed in matt or glossy, with or without dispersion varnish.


You can choose from a wide range of standard types of plastic and paper packaging, e.g.jewel-boxes. On we have black and multicoloured trays, single-boxes and multipacks for multiple CDs, double slim packs, paper and plastic envelopes, DVD and Blue-ray covers. If you need advice on what type of packaging is most suitable for you, just contact us.


As standard, we offer cellophane and foiling. There is no problem for us or any additional work like gluing stickers or inserting cards and leaflets.


A variety of specialties and differences can be used for music carriers. For CDs can be used e.g. copy protection, Braille or shaped CDs, for vinyl’s such as popular picture disc or various effects e.g. marble, half color, etc. You can find everything you can invent in the SPECIFICATIONS section.



  • supply the source media either physically (2 copies) or as an image/disc image
  • always attach CD-TEXT without diacritics and MD5 checksum
  • provide the catalogue number, title name and, in the case of dolis, the matrix designation


  • always get graphics in real size in a ratio of 1:1 (300dpi resolution)
  • always deliver all data in cmyk colour model, in case of black and white grayscale printing
  • for printed matter (booklet, vinyl sticker) it is necessary to observe the maximum cover of black so that it must not exceed 300% (ideal black: C60 M50 Y50 K100), maximum protection can also be used for disc printing (C100 M100 Y100 K100)
  • combine all graphic objects (mainly those with transparency and shadows) ideally into one bitmap
  • always convert texts and vector objects without effects (transparency, shading) into curves
  • always deliver data with 3mm trap (bleed)
  • texts, curves and important graphic elements give at least another 3mm from the edge
  • deliver the resulting data as composite PDF/X-1 and including clipping marks

For a better understanding of traps (bleeds) see HERE.

For each product, use specific and accurate TEMPLATES that we send you. In the event that this does not happen automatically after the initial quick calculation, please request them from us.

In case you cannot prepare the resulting print data in PDF, we accept all formats of graphic sets COREL and ADOBE, or formats eps, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, tiff. Other formats by arrangement.

If you need any advice, preparation or rework of your DATA, our graphics from the DTP studio are fully available to you, contact us!



Individual templates change according to the matrix used and there are a large number of them overall. For this reason, we are no longer available for download directly on the web, but only on request. Thank you for your understanding.


For each order or calculation, we need to know the following information:

  • number of pieces
  • what medium is involved (types of music media)
  • what digipak these are (types of all digipaks / types of low-cost digipaks)
  • select whether you want to plating silver or gold plating in the case of CD, DVD, Blue-ray
  • booklet or digipak range (number of pages)
  • select whether you want paper matte or glossy
  • indicate whether or not you are interested in partial varnish and whether it will be matte or glossy
  • indicate whether you want cellophane and foiling
  • select the type of packaging or the type of inlay box (packaging overview)
  • enter and write out special requests*

*special requirements shall mean:

  • to specially pack your goods, glue stickers, insert leaflets, etc.
  • to deliver the goods at multiple addresses in different numbers
  • if you want a specific feature or effect (choose from a special offer for CDs, DVDs or vinyl)



WARNING for mastering!


We never enter or interfere with the supplied data, we do not make any modifications to it before or during production.

The supplied materials for the production of matrices are in no case inspected or assessed in terms of content, ie. that the medium is not played on any relevant player (eg CD audio is not controlled by listening, CD-ROM is not started and installed on the computer and therefore its functionality is not monitored, etc. DVD-video does not visually monitor the playability of individual menu chapters, etc.).

Supported image / disc image formats: nrg, iso, mds / iso, cue / bin, img

Supported checksum formats: MD5, CRC32, SHA1

If you have any questions on how to prepare the documents and deliver them to us in the best possible form, contact us!

The shipping period is up to 14 days from the delivery of all documents except vinyl, where the waiting time can be significantly longer. Do you need the goods first or do you need to know the exact delivery date? Contact us.

  • types of music media in terms of data or time and minimum amount of collection from the title (PDF)
  • types of all digipaks (PDF)
  • types of low-cost digipaks (PDF)
  • how to prepare graphics for printed materials with the right overlaps? (PDF)
  • special offer for CD and DVD (PDF)
  • special offer for vinyls (PDF)
  • overview of basic packaging and boxes (PDF)

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