Of course, you can sort everything you find in the other sections among the promotional items. In this section you will find all other promotional and gift items that have not yet been mentioned elsewhere. The advertising options are essentially unlimited.


Traditional promotional items are still popular and prove themselves not only as motivational gifts. You can reach out and, above all, please even the most demanding business partners. The range of offers is really wide, you can find everything from station writing supplies and diaries, mugs, thermoses, magnets, umbrellas, tools, electronics like USB stick to gift packs of drinks and food. Choose directly from our catalogue of promotional items!

In the section CLEARLY you will find a list of other products that we offer.


Promotional items can also include gift items. And vice versa. Thanks to sublimation technology, we can produce all sorts of gifts at a very low price from just one piece. Thanks to this, you can make ceramics with your photo or any motif (mugs, beer mugs, money boxes…), puzzles, umbrellas, pillows or tin memorial plaque and much more.

Just look in the section CLEARLY, where you will find an inventory of all the promotional items we offer.


We use the following technologies: area screen printing, rotary screen printing, glass and ceramic firing, embossing, laser, sandblasting, sandblasting, digital UV printing, embroidery, sublimation printing, flock, embossing, seal, spraying with hydro glazur, thermoreactive paints, tampon printing.


In case you don’t find what you’re looking for, just contact us. We will find for you at our partners selling an infinite number of other promotional items exactly what you need!

And since a large part of our clients are in the music industry and always require something special, below you will find a few specialties that we deal with.

For festivals, for example, we produce cup holders – beer holders or hand bands, for all those who want not only to look original on the show and elegantly make caps for shirts, and if you want to have a really special hanging for any festival, we will also make a face sticker for you. Don’t be afraid to say anything!




travel mugs and thermoses


wooden pads, table name tags, etchings, etchings for medals and diploma plates
(gold, silver or copper sheet can also be used – ideal use is for competitions, medals, cups…)

flash drives and power banks

frisbee and other games

the clock

(white mugs, colored mugs, black mugs, magic mugs – the motif is displayed only after pouring hot water, mugs with decorative handles, latte mugs, mugs with ceramic spoon, retro mugs, sheet metal, porcelain, glass…)

plastic and paper bags


ceramic containers and glasses

cosmetic bags

metal boxes in the shape of hearts


shirt caps

bottles, sports bottles and bidons


inflatable mascot


(paper, sublimation, woven)


memory game

beer hulls and pints

plastic signs, identification cards and pendants

raincoats and ponchos

plush toys

(mouse pads, bar mat, under glass, beer base…)

seat compartments and folding blankets

cash registers

pillows and travel pillows





reflective bracelets

face stickers

silicone bracelets

glass photo frames


licence plate numbers

car lampshaks and windshields



glasses towels

fragrant trees and fragrances


Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Contact us or see the sections dealing with other products in detail:



  • always create graphics at the actual size in a ratio of 1:1 (resolution 300dpi (bitmap) or curve (vectors)

Resolution is not a prerequisite, but at a lower resolution it is necessary to take into account the degraded quality! (blur, blur, pixelation, visible stairs)

WARNING: Many technologies are used for promotional items, and some of them do not allow you to print shaded or raster graphics. This allows some technologies to print or produce only from data that is in curves. If you can’t deliver data like this, we’ll always consult with you about the graphics you’ve delivered, and we’ll either prepare and redraw it or ask you to change the theme.

  • in the case of small gift items (e.g. pens), make sure that the individual graphic elements are not too small.
  • in the case of gift items, when you do only one piece, we often just need graphics that are on the Internet at least full screen of your monitor, i.e. the sharpest and highest quality, can also deliver photos or drawing physically

(each graphic supplied will be consulted with you by our graphic designer and will notify you of any problems)

  • in the case of specific products (if you choose it we will inform you immediately) it is necessary to send the graphic exactly according to the template supplied by us (we send specific templates on request when confirming the order)
  • for the shape cut out (cut out), add a layer for the clipping line (curve) separately and visibly mark it
  • deliver the resulting data as composite PDF/X-1 including crop marks

In the event that you cannot prepare the resulting print data in PDF, we accept all formats of the graphics sets COREL and ADOBE, or eps, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, tiff. Other formats by appointment.

If you need any advice, prepare or rework your DATA, our DTP studio graphic designers are fully available, contact us!



For each order or calculation we need to know the following information:

  • number of pieces
  • the item or product you want to print (select from the catalogue or in the CLEARLY section and, if possible, indicate the product code name)
  • colour (if possible, including code name from catalogue)
  • further detailed specifications (describe to us as much as possible what exactly you need)

Delivery time varies according to the type and scope of the order. We can often make gift items printed by sublimation technology almost on hold, specific items that we must order will always be delivered according to the current stock. We handle all terms for promotional and gift items individually according to your requirements.

For example, do you need to give someone an immediate gift? Write us! In many cases, this is possible.

  • catalogue of promotional items (PDF)
  • catalogue of gift sublimation items (PDF)
  • types of promotional items download (PDF)

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