In addition to advertising banners and flags, large-scale printing also includes vehicle covers and virtually anything you can think of. Billboards, canvas prints and wallpapers can also be made.

Advertising banners and flags can be used virtually anywhere you want to be seen. It is the most suitable large-format advertisement for both outdoor and indoor use.

Banners can be made in any size of your choice. We offer different types – from classic PVC banners, to flags of all types to light, non-combustible materials that decorate the world stage of bands and festivals.

Another advantage is the storage and simple handling. You can choose from a large amount of hardware – attachments for any type of tarpaulins, side ways on the set, flags or various exhibition and marketing sets.

We also offer many finished products such as roll-ups, tablecloths, sheets, inflatable gates, advertising tents, blinds and much more.


From banners we offer several different materials about different weights suitable for billboards, banners, tarpaulins across entire buildings, bridges and anything you can think of. In addition to classic banners, you will also find
specific Beach banners or Street banners. These are special quick buildable designs with your advertising.


Textile material used for banners and banners is also ideal for advertising outdoor and indoor flags. Flag material is also suitable for concert scenes, so as not to disturb the sound from your crates. A separate chapter are sports or
state flags and mini flags, double-sided flags and Beach flags (fly wings). Just choose.


Roll-ups are economical presentation systems operating on the principle of scrolling the print medium into the cartridge (base), in which the graphics are protected against damage and pollution throughout storage and transport. Various portable display systems can also be used. Ideally suited for any advertising space e.g. within trade fairs or exhibitions. Roll-ups are then very suitable for the stage and for the club.


Plastic stickers are especially suitable where there may be moisture, they are washable. I.e. for cars, shop windows, doors, mailboxes, pipes, etc. Stickers can be made in any size, shaped, glued under the glass and we can treat them with different types of lamination. We offer stickers with a life span of 2-10 years.


In our offer there are also traditional paper billboards, where in addition to standard paper we also offer higher quality City light paper suitable for bus stops or Photo paper suitable for interiors.

We also carry out complete production of paintings and canvas prints (photo images). We stretch special printed material on a wooden frame to allow perfect reproduction of works, photographs or digitally created graphics.

Printable wallpapers can be used for both your advertising presentation and the beautification of your home.


Basically anything can be found today. Whether you use a floor sticker that is very aerated or special wall wrap foils for the coating of walls, facades and walls, you will always be satisfied.

Thanks to cut graphics or transparent foils, you can also freely place windows, windows or even a sign above your premises. We will make signs or even smaller orientation signs or door signs in any shape e.g. plastic, aluminium or sheet metal and glue them as you wish.


Polymeric foils are glued to all means of transport (car, bus, tram…). We can also pour all or only glass on part of the car, e.g. a pinhole-shaped foil that emits light.


In addition to the above, we also offer some special products such as lanterns, presentr, inflatable dolls and many others. The list and more information can be found HERE.


For large-scale advertising we offer a wide range of attachments and accessories. Whether it’s machines, masts, pedestals, handles or other accessories, everyone should find exactly what they need. After consulting with us, we will help you choose and find what you need.


Do you need advice on material or product selection? Do you want to put up and take up your banner or flag? Contact us!


plastic PVC banners
(banners, tarpaulins)

textile banners
(banners, flags)

concert scenes for festivals or clubs

street banners

oval beach banners
(oval pup-up, ovap pop.out, beans)

rectangular beach banners

perpendicular beach banners

interior flags

beach flags or fly wings (drops)
(beach flag, batfan, batfan for cars, bike, hiking wear, winder, bowflag, cranks)

double-sided flags

(addition to flags that are placed on masts without arm)

sports flags
(stadium, team, fan flags)

state and other flags
(flags of the regions, towns, municipalities, flags of organizations)


flag ropes and strings

car wets

paper swallows, waving and gastro swallows

roll-up systems

display systems

advertising walls

advertising tents

inflatable gates, dolls, balloons

sports advertising
(tennis fences for table tennis, side safety barriers, golf launch banners, golf pins)

paintings and canvas prints


carpets, mats


suspension advertising

advertising chairs, seat bags, cubes

presentation counters, tables, prospectus stands, replacement system

tablecloths, curtains, wraps



plastic PVC stickers
(polymeric foils with different liveliness)

destructive stickers
(to protect products from unwanted manipulation)

sticker of cars, buses, trams and other means of transport

floor, wall, façade, wall stickers

sticker of advertising signs

window and window stickers
(we also offer safety foils for increased protection from thieves)


  • Ideally, always create graphics for smaller dimensions at 300dpi resolution

Resolution is not a prerequisite, but at a lower resolution it is necessary to take into account the degraded quality! (blur, blur, pixelation, visible stairs)

  • graphics with a size till 4m2 are enough to preparie in a ratio 1:1 (300 dpi resolution)
  • graphics with a size above 4 m2 are enough to prepare in a ratio of 1:2 (resolution 250-300dpi)
  • graphics with a size above 16 m2 are enough to prepare in a ratio of 1:10 (resolution 250-300dpi)
  • always deliver all data in CMYK color model, in case of black and white grayscale printing

Other colour models – RGB, Spot (spot colours e.g. Pantone), DeviceN (duplexes, triplexes, multi-channel images) – we are able to print, but we cannot guarantee 100% colour fidelity.

  • combine all graphic objects (especially those with transparency and shadows) ideally in one grid
  • always convert texts and vector objects without effects (transparency, shading) into curves
  • always deliver data with 25mm interference (bleed)
  • put texts, curves and important graphics at least another 50mm from the edge

(if you want a tunnel or eye for your banner, remember this when creating graphics)

  • specify the type of finishing work – tunnels, eyelets, stitching, edging…

(if you choose a tunnel, state the diameter of the bar on which you will thread, if the eyes, state how many cm the eyes will be apart)

  • in the case of specific products (e.g. Beach flag) it is necessary to send the graphic exactly according to the template supplied by us

(we send specific templates on request when confirming the order)

  • for the shape cutout (cutout), add a layer for the clipping line (curve) separately and visibly mark it
  • deliver the resulting data as composite PDF/X-1 including crop marks

Always USE OUR TEMPLATES for the correct delivery of data!

In the event that you cannot prepare the resulting print data in PDF, we accept all formats of the graphics sets COREL and ADOBE, or eps, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, tiff. Other formats by appointment.

If you need any advice, prepare or rework your DATA, our DTP studio graphic designers are fully available, contact us!



Tell us where and how you would like to use your advertising plastic banners and we will recommend the most suitable ones based on our experience. Do you need something purely special or install your banner? Contact us! We will arrange a complete service for you.



preparation for a standard sail measuring 2x3m download (PDF)
preparation for a standard sail measuring 5x7mdownload (PDF)
other templateson request



For each order or calculation we need to know the following information:

  • number of pieces
  • dimension
  • type of product (choose from the list)
  • in the case of eyelings (banners, flags), make up to colic cm and on which side of the eye you want, or whether around the perimeter
  • f you want to use tussers (banners, flags) on either side, indicate the diameter of the pole on which you want to take it and specify the side or sides where you want the torch to have
  • in the case of PVC stickers (decals), indicate what life of the foil you wish for (3,7,10 years…)
  • in the case of PVC stickers (decals), indicate what surface treatment you want (matte or glossy laminate)
  • further detailed specifications (describe to us as much as possible what exactly you need)

The delivery time varies according to the type and scope of the contract. In the case of smaller banners, they tend to be within 3 working hours from the delivery of all documents. The standard delivery time is within 14 working days
of delivery of all documents. In case of large and more complex orders, we always solve the deadline individually according to your requirements.

Do you need the goods even earlier? Write to us! In many cases, this is possible.

  • overview of materials (PDF)
  • help in choosing advertising (PDF)

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