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Buttons, advertising badges or badges have a wide range of applications in all sectors. Whether you pin them to a baseball cap or t-shirt, you can always clearly see who you’re behind or who you’re supporting. In addition to traditional switch pins, however, the pancakes can be used in other ways.

Do you need an bottle opener, magnet, pendant or pocket mirror? Or more stuff together? Just choose!


Metal buttons with a switch pin, covered with transparent glossy foil, are available in 16 types and sizes. Of course there are traditional rounds with diameters from 25mm to 110mm and there are also oval, square or rectangular shapes and heart shapes.


The round or oval metal buttons on the back offer a beer or bottle opener in two versionswith a magnet or as a key chain. As an opener/magnet, you can choose from sizes 58 and 65mm (circle) and 69x45mm (oval), in the case of opener/keychain from sizes 44 and 58mm (circle).


The back of the button can also serve as a mirror. In total, there are 9 species on offer. In addition to traditional circular, oval can also be selected and we especially offer a circular mirror as a keychain or with a stand. You can choose from diameter dimensions from 44mm to 110mm. For an exact offer of which species in what dimension we offer, browse our catalogue.


Buttons such as magnets are made of metal and plastic, you can choose from up to 21 different variants. The back can serve as a magnet, a magnet with an opener, as a clip or as a type of “3in1” (switch pin, stand, magnet). In addition to traditional round dimensions with diameters from 25mm to 110mm, you can also choose oval, square or rectangular magnets.


Among the non-traditional pancakes we include the offer of the back side as a pin. We offer this in round dimensions of 25-44mm. We offer more than 15 types of placebo with a back side for various purposes. These include key chains, a clip, an LED badge, a stand or various 2- or 3-in-1 combinations. Buttons can also be used as name tags. The full overview can be found in the catalogue.


In case you do not provide any specific type of  packaging, we will deliver the buttons to you in bags.

But do you want badges ready for tastefully, professionally and straight to the store? Look at the packaging options on the penultimate page in the catalog. The appearance of the package can be adjusted according to your requirements (size, material, colour, shape, inscriptions, graphics…), imagination is not bound!

If you need to use the badge for use on clothing that you do not want to damage, use the magnet button and add an anti-magnet. If you need your badge more decorative, take advantage of our offer of rosetta, which we supply in 4 colours (blue, red, green, orange).


  • Always create graphics in real size as you want to print it in a ratio of 1:1 (resolution 300dpi) and with overset graphics (cutout) according to our templates. In the case of “pen drawing” (bitmaps that do not contain a halftone grid), at least 600 dpi is required.

These resolutions are not a prerequisite, but at a lower resolution it is necessary to take into account the degraded quality! (blur, blur, pixelation, visible stairs).

Other color models – RGB, Spot (spot colors e.g. Pantone), DeviceN (duplexes, triplexes, multi-channel images) – we are able to print, but we can not guarantee 100% color fidelity.

  • always deliver all data in CMYK colour model, in case of black and white grayscale printing
  • combine all graphic objects (especially those with transparency and shadows) ideally in one grid
  • always convert texts and vector objects without effects (transparency, shading) into curves
  • deliver the resulting data as composite PDF/X-1 including crop marks

Always USE OUR TEMPLATES for the correct delivery of data!

In the event that you cannot prepare the resulting print data in PDF, we accept all formats of the graphics sets COREL and ADOBE, or eps, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, tiff. Other formats by appointment.

If you need any advice, prepare or rework your DATA, our DTP studio graphic designers are fully available, contact us!



preparation for the cut-out of buttonsdownload (PDF)
size of buttons 1:1 (A3)download (PDF)



For each order or calculation we need to know the following information:

  • number of pieces

  • type and size of pancake or accessories (choose from our catalogue)

  • type of packaging (choose from our catalogue on the penultimate page)

The delivery time varies according to the type and scope of the contract. The
standard delivery time is within 7 working days of delivery of all documents.

In case of large and more complex orders, we always solve the deadline
individually according to your requirements.

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