Why not improve your interior with something you really like? Today, a well-photographed photo can easily be taken from your modern mobile phone and you don’t have to worry about anything.


Family photo in the living room? Your children stuck with food forever immortalized in the kitchen? Or your favourite band, movie, computer game in your office, game room or studio? Or do you long for your own image or any world work? There is nothing easier than contacting us!


We print photo images on high-quality canvas material with a weight of 260g/m2. Thanks to the fine visible texture, the canvas looks like a real image.


We produce all dimensions from the A5 format suitable for leaning against a wall on a bedside table, to huge paintings, for example, measuring 90x300cm.

One of your dimensions (width or height) must not exceed 90cm. The second dimension depends only on you.


The final price depends not only on your documents and possible graphic design, but also on the size. For the exact price tell us the size of the image. If you have a quality photo and do not need to edit it in any way, a picture with canvas material measuring 60×40 cm costs 22,50 € including VAT (more calculations).

Do you need a different size, a different material, a special frame or something purely atypical? Contact us!


  • always prepare graphics in real size in the ratio 1: 1 (resolution 300dpi)
  • always supply all data in the CMYK colour model
  • always supply the data with an overlap (bleed) of at least 40 mm (the canvas folds over the edge and therefore more space are needed)
  • put texts, curves and important graphic elements at least another 40 mm from the edge

For a better understanding of traps (bleeds) see HERE.

If you cannot prepare the resulting print data in PDF, we accept all formats of graphic sets COREL and ADOBE, or formats eps, jpeg, gif, png, tiff. Other formats by arrangement.

If you need any advice, preparation or rework of your DATA, our graphics from the DTP studio are fully available to you, contact us!



For each order or calculation, we need to know the following data:

  • quantity
  • size
  • other specifications (in case of any non-standard canvas prints)

Delivery time varies according to current production capacity. As a standard, we deliver within 10 working days from the delivery of all documents. The maximum delivery time is 3 weeks.

Do you need goods even earlier? Write us! In many cases, this is possible.

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